All billable resources are attached to a project. At the beginning of each hour, your resources will be billed and the hourly cost will be deducted from the project owner's balance.

If your balance reach zero your services will be suspended and you won't be able to restart them until you add credits to your balance. You must have at least $5 of credits on your balance to be able to start a service.

Once your services are suspended you have only a few days to add credits to your balance before your services are deleted. Once deleted you have 14 days to restore them. In case of a restoration, you will get a new IP address.

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Invoices are created when you manually add credits to your account or automatically if you have activated the auto- refill option. Invoices only include the amount of credits added to your account.
Billing and resource utilization details are available separately in each project.

Add credits

Add money to your elestio balance

You can easily add credits to your elestio account from your User Profile.

1. Click on the User Icon to access your User Profile in the top left above the Main Navigation menu.
2. Select the Add Credits tab.
3. Enter the amount you wish to add to your account, in US dollars (USD).
4. Click the Pay Now. You will be redirected to the Stripe checkout site to complete your payment.

Funds are automatically added to your account upon successful payment. This can take up to a few minutes, but is usually instantaneous.

elestio has a $10 minimum, and a $1,000 maximum per transaction.
If you would like to add a larger amount to your account, contact our sales team and we'd be happy to talk volume discounts!

If you are a company, please fill out the company relevant fields. This helps us to determine your tax status and whether or not you need to pay VAT.

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Per project details

To view a project's billing details, select Billing from the left menu, where you'll find a recap and details of all billable items.

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Payment options

Never worry about your elestio account balance running out or being too low anymore by using our auto refill option to automatically top it up.

To Enable auto-refill.
  1. Select the Account tab from the left sidebar menu.
  2. Select the Payment Options tab.
  3. Toggle the switch to enable it.
  4. Enter the minimum balance for activation of auto-refill
  5. Enter your refill amount
  6. Save by clicking Save auto refill settings

Currently, all amounts are in US dollars (USD).

To Disable auto-refill.
  1. Select the Account tab from the left sidebar menu.
  2. Select the Payment Options tab.
  3. Toggle the switch to disable it.
  4. Save by clicking Save auto refill settings.

Auto refill is always enabled by default. To turn off Auto refill, just toggle the switch to off and save the configuration.

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Elestio has a $10 minimum, and a $1,000 maximum per transaction.
If you would like to add a larger amount, contact our sales team for volume discounts.


Easily view, open or download your invoices in one place via your User Profile.

Navigate to your User Profile via the user icon at the top left of the Dashboard above the Main menu.
Select the Invoices tab

Invoices are generated when you add credits to your account or when your account auto-refills.

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Free trial

Elestio offers a 7-day free trial with $20 in credits, during which you can launch up to 3 services.

Additionally to the services in our catalog, you have access to load balancers, volumes, and CI/CD pipelines. Domain names are the only thing that cannot be acquired with free credits.

The Free Trial ends when you use all of your credit, or after 7 days, whichever happens first. At that time, the following conditions apply:

You may disable auto-refill in your payment options from the left sidebar Account tab, or you can click here to disable auto-refill.

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Any resources you created during the trial will be destroyed if your account runs out of credits. You may add credit using the add credit tab of the Account tab on the left sidebar, or by clicking here to add credits.