Deploy examples & apps on Elestio using the "clone template" feature

This tutorial will show you how to use our clone template feature in CI/CD. We're going to use a Simple Javascript web application, but you can use any template and deploy it in the same way. 🚀

The clone template feature was similar to forking our examples from GITHUB and deploying it using an import git repository tab in Ci/CD, but using the clone template was easier because you didn't have to manually fork our template example and then deploy it using our import git repository tab. If you choose a template from the CI/CD clone template feature, Elestio will automatically create an example template repository in your git account and deploy it to the cloud. In this case, all you need to do is choose the template.

You probably heard about Kubernetes (and all its complexity) or various options to deploy your apps like Heroku, Render Fly, or Railways. They all have something in common, those products are building your own source code on every commit from your GIT repository.

Elestio is doing the same ...  but different! Instead of deploying your app to a shared cluster, we deploy to dedicated VMs.

To learn more about the elestio CI/CD, go here.

If you're new, sign up for Elestio, otherwise, login to your existing account.

Deploy Elestio apps to the cloud using the CI/CD Clone template feature.

Step 1:

Go to CI/CD from the left sidebar.

Step 2:

Now, select the deployment source.

Screenshot 2022-11-02 185434.png

In this tutorial, I'm deploying using GITHUB, but you can also use GITLAB if you have a project there.

Step 3:

Select the Clone Template Tab.