BYOVM (Bring Your Own VM)

You can also deploy into your own cloud account from any cloud provider (Azure, GCP, Alibaba, Oracle, etc.) or from an VM hosted on-premise. In these instances, you are responsible for the relationship with your provider while we take care of the management side of things.



Pricing is based on the specification of the VM you are connecting: 

$5 per vCPU + $2.5 per GB of Ram + $0.25 per 10GB of disk.

Example: if you are connecting a VM with 2 vCPU + 4GB Ram + 40GB Disk, the cost per month will be:

(5*2) +  (2.5*4) + (0.25*4) = ~$21/mo

Price per hour is then calculated like this: $21/730h = $0.02876/h

You can create one BYOVM service for free. To be eligible the VM you connect must have no more than 2 vCPU, max 4 GB of ram and max 80 GB of storage.

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