Can I use OUTFILE in Managed MySQL?

Yes it's possible on Elestio. Since we are running MySQL inside a docker container you will have to modify the stack to mount a new volume in the docker-compose. You can edit it with UPDATE CONFIG button from our dashboard

You will have to add a line like this in the mysql container
        - ./files:/var/lib/mysql-files


Then click on the button "Apply & restart"

After that you can use queries like this:

SELECT * FROM `help_topic` INTO OUTFILE '/var/lib/mysql-files/test1.csv';

and your file test1.csv will be present on the host vm in /opt/app/files/test1.csv

You can access it over SSH / SFTP / File Explorer / VS Code ...


If you want to use InFile to import CSV to a Table, you must add another option at end of row 6 (command) of the docker-compose file: 

Then also modify the to add "--local-infile" at the end of it
Finally you can start the cli with: 
from there you can now load data from CSV with a query like this:
LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE '/var/lib/mysql-files/yourFile.csv' INTO TABLE yourTableNameHere FIELDS TERMINATED by ',' LINES TERMINATED BY '\n' IGNORE 1 LINES;
You should then see something like:
Query OK, 10634 rows affected, 65535 warnings (0.48 sec)
Records: 10634  Deleted: 0  Skipped: 0  Warnings: 251949

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