Create a new service with Bring your own AWS Account (BYOAWS)

 To create a new service, first, open Elestio Dashboard, then go to services from the left sidebar and click the button to create a new service.

We offer more than 200 software templates that are supported, so you can pick the one you want to use. If you want to learn more about a specific template before using it, click the Details button. All of the templates and their details are also available on our managed services page.


Use the category tabs to filter the selection of software.
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We provide 6 cloud service providers as well as Bring Your Own VM. You can choose AWS from this list.

Hetzner, Digital Ocean, LightSail, Linode, and Vultr providers' services are deployed on Elestio accounts, whereas AWS is Bring your own AWS account, so all of the services are deployed in your own AWS account.

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View our documentation to learn how to create AWS access and secret credentials.

Enter your AWS Account AmazonEC2FullAccess  access Access Key and Secret Key here, then click the Verify button to validate your AWS access credentials.

Anytime inside the project settings where you've configured your AWS account, you can update your AWS Account Access and Secret credentials by choosing the Project Settings option from the left sidebar.  Visit our documentation for more information.

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You can view a detailed list of all the AWS Ec2 plans we offer.

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By default, we configure it with 20GB, but you can change it as needed between 10 GB and 10 TB.

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You can resize your disc size after deployment at any time by clicking the Update Volume button in the Main volume section of the services overview. Visit our documentation for more information.