Projects & Teams




Project is a collection of services. It's useful to group your services by project name.

All services are billed to the owner of the project. You can invite coworkers as read-only or admins of your projects, this way they can use the different resources safely.

Only the owner of the project can create a new service.

When creating an account, you will automatically be added to the default-project project as Administrator Project Owner.

You must manually associate Projects and Roles within your Team. A GIF outlining the process is below.

You can see all of your projects by clicking on Project dropdown and See all projects.


Each project has its own global private network based on Nebula.


Create a project

So you want to create a project with elestio?
Let's show you how!

Click on Project dropdown and Create new Project

Screenshot 2022-09-29 171248.png

2. Project information

- Give a name to your project

- Give a description of your project

- Give an email where you will receive all the technical information related to plan sizes, performance, and maintenance. If no email is specified, we will still send information to the project owner user.

Screenshot 2022-09-29 171612.png


Manage projects

Changing project settings

Select Settings from the left menu.

You can easily rename your project, change the technical email target and update the project description.

Don't forget to press Save to store your update!

Screenshot 2022-09-29 171753.png


Delete a project

How do I delete a project?

Only owners and admins of projects have permission to delete a project.

1. Click on Settings in the left menu
2. Select Delete Project

A user must always have at least one project.

In order to delete a project, it must be free of any services.

We'll always ask for your permission before confirming deletion, so if you click this button by accident, fear not!

Managed Service Dashboard (3).png


Leave a project

Read-only users are able to leave projects.

1. Select Members in the left menu
2. Select the Leave Project icon to the right of the project you wish to leave

Managed Service Dashboard (4).png




Creating a project assigns you an administrator role as the project owner. As an administrator (Admin) you can invite people to a project and assign them specific access.

To invite a member:
1. Select Members from the left menu
2. Press the Add Member button
3. Enter the member's email address and select their access level
4. Send Invitation

Managed Service Dashboard (4).png

Member Roles:

Admin (Project owner)
When you create a project, you are automatically assigned as a project owner. You can create a service, remove members and create/edit and delete services within your project.

Administrators are provided full access to services but are unable to create services.

These members are only allowed to view services and are unable to make any changes.

Only Project owner Admins are billed for services within a project.


Add a member

Want to invite someone to your team?

To invite a member:
1. Select Members from the Main menu on the left of the Dashboard
2. Press the Add Member button
3. Enter the member's email address and select their access level
4. Press Send Invitation

Admins are authorized to invite more users to a project. Admins have full access to make changes to services.
Read-Only members are only allowed to view services but are unable to make any changes.

The invited member will receive a confirmation email containing their username (email) and password. They can use this to log in to the elestio dashboard.

Managed Service Dashboard (4).png



Delete a member

You can easily delete a member from your project when and if you need to.

Only admins can delete other members.

To delete a member:

1. Select Members from the Main menu tab on the left of the Dashboard.
2. Click on the user icon to the right of the user you wish to delete.
3. Confirm you really wish to delete the user before pressing Remove
4. Deleted users will automatically lose access to your elestio project.

Deleting a member from the elestio dashboard only removes their access to elestio, not your deployed services.
If appropriate, please consider revisiting your service credentials.

The project owner cannot be deleted by other Admins.