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What is Elestio?

Elestio is the simplest way to run Open Source Software.

Deploy any one of over 325+ supported open-source software distributions on a dedicated instance in less than 5 minutes.

Elestio's platform takes care of installation, configuration, encryption, backups, software & OS updates, live monitoring, alerts, and more!

Some companies pay hundreds to thousands of dollars per month in DevOps costs to maintain open-source software projects. Unless you have a top-notch team, it's still an error-prone process: bad updates and migrations happen more often than anyone wants.

Even skilled administrators use our managed services, saving hours and days of work needed each month to maintain their services while avoiding the risks related to manual migrations (downtime, human error, loss of data).

With Elestio you can easily manage your fleet of open source software solutions on autopilot.


Elestio guarantees your backups are up to date, and that you can restore your OS or data from a backup at any time to get back up and running in a worst-case scenario.

This "Get Started" video series is the best method to learn how to Deploy Open-Source Software on Elestio: