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Load balancers are essential to achieve High Availability (HA) and horizontal scalability. 

Most load balancers from cloud providers are limited to balance traffic only inside network of the cloud provider, also to get SSL termination for your custom domains you either have to delagate your domain name servers to the provider or follow a long and complex manual process for each domain to connect.

Finally, advanced features like rate limiting, output caching or headers rewriting are usually requiring to add more infrastructure (WAF, Cache server) or more code to write/deploy/maintain (AWS Lambda, Cloudflare workers)

At Elestio, we dreamed about a new kind of cloud load balancer able to:

  • Balance traffic to targets on any cloud
  • Support targets over IPV4, IPV6 & Global private IP (Nebula) and cname
  • Load balance UDP / TCP / HTTP / HTTPS traffic
  • Manage SSL certificates automatically with zero setup needed
  • Support for "Health Checks", "Sticky sessions", "Proxy Protocol", "Force HTTPS"
  • Support for output headers add/edit/remove
  • Easy user interface
  • Affordable

Load balancers by Elestio are now available on our 5 partner cloud providers (AWS, Digital Ocean, Hetzner, Linode, Vultr) and are also available on your infrastructure with BYOVM.

Check our tutorial here about creating a load balancer