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SMTP service

All deployed services include a basic preconfigured SMTP service, useful for sending alerts and notifications from your service.

This is free, but comes with a few limitations:

  • You can only send transactional emails. Marketing emails are not permitted.

    Any violation of this will lead to a suspension or termination of your service.

  • You can send up to 300 transactional emails per hour. That's up to 7200 emails per day!
  • All emails must be sent from [domain] where [domain] is the URL of your service.

    Attempts at sending from any other email address will be rejected.

  • The SMTP service is only available from the global private network IP of your VM.

Of course in several cases you will want to change the smtp configuration in the web UI of your software to use another smtp service. It's useful if you want to be able to configure another sender address or to overcome any limitations stated above.

Check out our list of recommended SMTP providers: