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Network Firewall

By default, we only open the ports necessary for the application you have deployed. 

How can I restrict access to my service by IP address?

From the Dashboard, select "Security", then "Show Settings" on the Firewall row

Screenshot 2022-09-29 163646.png

From there you can modify, remove, or add new rules to open a port from your service to the internet (or just to a specific target IP).

All services come preconfigured with firewall rules that match the software you are deploying.

You have to keep port 80 open to any ipv4/ipv6 or else Letsencrypt won't be able to generate an SSL certificate.

Here is a compilation of the ports necessary for Elestio Automation:
Mandatory Application Protocol Port  Usage
  ✔️ Input  TCP 22 Automation SSH
Input  UDP 4242 Nebula/ Global IP
Input  TCP 18345 VS Code
Input  TCP 18374 Open Terminal
Input  TCP 18346 File Explorer
Input TCP 18445 Tail Logs
Input  TCP 18344 Terminal

❌ => Ports are necessary only if you are utilizing specific tools and activating global private IP functionality.