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How are operating system(OS) upgrades managed?

Automatic Minor OS Updates:
Minor operating system updates are automatically performed every Sunday by default. (Note: This setting can be modified or disabled in the service settings.)

Major OS Updates:

  • For major updates, utilize our clone feature. This involves cloning the application stack and data from your current instance on an end-of-life OS (e.g., Ubuntu 20.04) and deploying it to a new instance with the latest OS version (e.g., Ubuntu 22.04).
  • This cloning feature is accessible to all our customers.
  • After cloning, review and ensure everything is functioning properly before redirecting your DNS from the old instance to the new one.

In-Place Update (with Level 3 Support Plan):

If you have a Level 3 support plan, our team can perform an in-place update on your existing instance (with up to 1 hour of downtime).

Feel free to contact ourĀ support team if you have any further questions or concerns about OS upgrades.