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How can project ownership or service billing be transferred to another user's account?

Are you looking to transfer project ownership or service billing to another user's account? While our direct project owner transfer feature is in the pipeline, there's a workaround available for you to accomplish this task.

Presently, we operate on a global account-level billing structure that is not directly tied to specific projects. Consequently, all services affiliated with projects under your ownership will be invoiced to your account.

To transfer ownership or billing responsibility to another account, you can follow these steps:
  • Grant Admin Access: Within your project, navigate to the "Members" tab on the left sidebar, and select "Add Member." Input the email of the new account user into the designated field, choose 'Admin' as their role, and then press the 'Send Invitation' button.
  • Log in to the New Account: The new user should then log in to their account.
  • Navigate to the Project: Once logged in, the new user should navigate to the project that you've shared with them.
  • Move the Service: Within the project, move the service to the new account by following the steps outlined in our documentation.
  • Choose the Project: When moving the service, select the project owned by the new account as the destination.

By following these steps, you'll successfully transfer the service to the new account, effectively transferring ownership and billing responsibility.

While this method serves as a temporary solution until our direct project owner transfer feature is available.