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Why did the payment fail when I was attempting to add credits?

Encountering difficulties with payment failures while attempting to add credits? Fear not, as we've outlined a comprehensive guide to help you address the issue:

Resolving Payment Failures: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you've been experiencing payment failures while adding credits from our dashboard, here's what you need to do:

1. Verify Card Details:
   Ensure the accurate input of your card number, expiry date, and CVV/CVC/CSC during the payment process.
2. International Payments Check:
   Confirm whether your card allows international payments, as this could be a potential reason for the payment failure.
3. Account Compatibility:
   Check that your account supports e-commerce transactions and ensure that the set limits are appropriate for a seamless payment process.

Possible Reasons for Payment Failure:

If the aforementioned conditions are met and you're still facing issues, consider the following potential reasons:

1. Unsupported Card:
   It's possible that the card you're using may not be supported for this type of transaction.
2. Insufficient Funds:
   Ensure that your account has sufficient funds to cover the intended payment amount.
3. Bank Declined Payment:
   The bank may have declined the card payment for security or other reasons.

For a more accurate understanding of the specific reason behind the payment failure, we recommend reaching out to Elestio's support.

Our dedicated support team will provide precise information to help you successfully resolve the issue and get back to enjoying our services hassle-free. Feel free to contact us for any assistance you may need!